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Billion Dollar Offer Creator Perry Belcher Returns to Reveal His Newest Breakthrough “Story VSL Formula” 
Fellow Marketers, 

Can you tell a 6 second story? 

That’s all it takes to at least DOUBLE the results of any VSL you’ll ever write. (emails too for that matter)

That’s ALL it takes to create letters others sell for $15,000 or more or even better use to sell your own goods and services for life…

Imagine going one step further than your competitors with THE weird system that creates sales pieces that outperform even the best pedigreed copywriters…

Imagine the PRIDE of having your offers, created entirely by this system, be the most sought after in the market by power affiliates and… (You’ll be famous)
Imagine being SO in demand as a copywriter that businesses literally BEG you to write for them for thousands of dollars + a percentage of profits!

Imagine still, the CONFIDENCE you’ll have in your future when you finally realize you can practically conjure sales out of thin air…

Hi, My name is Perry Belcher and my offers are responsible for around $1,000,000,000 (That’s a BILLION) in the sales of goods and services online.
I Was The Original VSL Guy 10 Years Ago
In 2013 I created the Video Sales Letter Formula course along with a few partners and we sold thousands of copies that still are used today!

BTW I think my buddy Jon Benson actually invented the VSL but I’m pretty sure I was the first to teach how to write them.

That said… I have a confession to make… I missed HUGE piece of the VSL puzzle that multiplies the results of any ordinary VSL by a factor of up to 500%

…and I’ve done millions of dollars of testing since to prove it…

Now I’m ready to let you in on one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever used to create cash pumping offers that make other copywriters cry :)
Most Of These Jerks Just Copied Jon and I
The truth is that most VSL “copywriters” are total B.S. and haven’t innovated in years… the teachers and gurus are the WORST!

Don’t get me wrong, I have respect for the craft and those who take it seriously…

But everyone and their mamma is claiming to be an “A Level VSL Copywriter”, even if they’ve never had a “winning” offer. (and some of these loser are selling courses on the subject) 

…And they GET AWAY WITH IT… this makes my blood boil!

That crap ends today!

Stick with me here for a few minutes and you’ll never be hamstrung for VSL copy ever again.

Hi, my name is Perry Belcher.

I’m the co-founder of DigitalMarketer.com, and a so-called master VSL copywriter, offer creator and storyteller whose offers have drummed up many millions in sales.

My story based offers have sold everything from training at Digital Marketer to printing services, industrial equipment, survival gear, health supplements, live events and yes - even hot dog carts…
I’m the co-founder of DigitalMarketer.com, and a so-called master VSL copywriter, offer creator and storyteller whose offers have drummed up many millions in sales.

My story based offers have sold everything from training at Digital Marketer to printing services, industrial equipment, survival gear, health supplements, live events and yes - even hot dog carts…

… all following a simple system that practically writes my VSLs for me...
Now, I’m known in the industry as somewhat of a legend when it comes to what I call “story selling”.

And frankly, I don’t deserve the title - I’ll tell you why in a minute.


I’m a high school educated backwoods boy from Kentucky, yet I’ve made millions personally and BILLIONS through my clients writing story based video sales letters.

While other writers and friends like Jon Benson, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy and Chris Haddad are true masters, I am a self proclaimed hack.

But that's the beauty of what I’m about to show you…

Even if you’re NOT a genius, heck, even if you can barely spell you can still write video sales letters that squeeze cash out of your prospects with almost NO effort.

You don't have to be a pastry chef to bake a great cake, you just need a few ingredients and a good recipe and that's exactly what I’m about to give you.

You don’t even need to know HOW it works, it just works!

What’s more you can do it over and over again with consistent results.
My SVSL Process is so Fast and Simple…
I take what I’ve learned about offers, do a little 3-step research on the product and the market, I map out my “big idea” and my story and then I simply fill in the blanks as easy as 1-2-3.

Seriously, millions of dollars from that one simple skill.

I haven’t always had this system though…

I started out with nothing.

No skills, no experience and a BIG need for cash…
Look, I had No Choice
Create Offers or Starve…
When I started writing copy and creating offers I was flat broke and frazzled with a whole lot of responsibility resting heavily on my shoulders. 

Everyday I woke up staring at the same walls in Memphis, with a cloud of gloom hanging over my head.

I couldn’t see past my previous failures and feel the joy that I was supposed to feel as a new father.

I had not one but two brand new babies, three teenagers under one roof and a now ex-wife who was as mean as a rattlesnake.
At least once a month I considered taking my own life.

The feeling that consumed me is hard to describe.

The word that comes to mind is, despair.

I knew that the next thing I worked on HAD to work.

Failure or moderate success wasn’t an option.
They say that successful ideas are born out of necessity…

And I was the poster boy of necessity.
That is when offer creation entered my life and changed it forever.

The first offer I ever wrote was for a breast enhancement pill.

I’ve always been a fan of the subject matter :) 

It did $5 million in sales.
I knew then that I had a future in offers.

I took it one step further with the video sales letter…

I watched my conversion rates go from 2.3% to 6.9% overnight. 

The game changed, and VSLs became the go-to.

The game is about to change again and it’s time for me to finally reveal the next evolution of offers…

Story Selling VSLs.
The Future of Marketing is Video and Ignoring This Skill is No Longer an Option if You Expect To Survive
The future is video, whether you like it or not.



Instagram reels…

The vast majority of content consumption is video!

TikTok just surpassed Facebook as the number one visited site IN THE WORLD.

And when consumer behavior evolves, sales have to keep up.

Here’s where things get sticky though…

VSLs have been around for a long time.

I know - I’ve been there since the beginning.
Follow The Big Brands With The Deepest Pockets
Brands have started to recognize that a video offer alone isn’t enough to move the needle.

You need to make this realization too. 

You can’t rely on features and benefits anymore. You need your prospects to be emotionally connected to your advertising in some way - I’ll explain how in a minute.

The human brain is a curious organ and a good story can influence who you trust and help you break down complicated information in your decision making process.

In most cases, a story is more compelling than facts.
Tragic Stories Sell Stuff [FULL STOP]
I bet you didn’t even pick up on it either…

If you look at the most successful video marketing campaigns over the last few years, there has been an emotional story element behind every single winner.

Mark my words - The businesses who DON’T figure out how important story is will be forgotten faster than sh*t rolls downhill.

Let’s dig into the story a little bit more, so that I know you understand what I’m talking about.
Are Story Based VSLs The Next Marketing Revolution?
I bet you know by now that emotions drive sales.

In fact Harvard Business Review just did a study and published,

“After a major bank introduced a credit card for Millennials that was designed to inspire emotional connection, use among the segment increased by 70% and new account growth rose by 40%. Within a year of launching products and messaging to maximize emotional connection, a leading household cleaner turned market share losses into double-digit growth. And when a nationwide apparel retailer reoriented its merchandising and customer experience to its most emotionally connected customer segments, same-store sales growth accelerated more than threefold.”

And suggested that,
 “Companies Should Pursue Emotional Connections As A Science—And A Strategy.”
How do you do that?

The easiest way I have found to create emotional connection is through story.
A Simple Story Can Multiply The 
Perceived Value Of Everything You Sell
I’ve never been one to get excited about paying money for something. 

But if you tell me the story behind it, then I might be more likely to spend my hard earned cash on whatever you're offering!

Trust me, It’s not a marketing scheme. I know that’s what you’re thinking.

The truth is, it’s my own psychology working against me to create the perceived value. 

Let me explain it to you another way.

You’re probably familiar with the idea of “sentimental value”...

You can be attached to something, or see value in something that has no real world value at all.

That doesn’t mean it’s worth less to you.

Using a story to sell works exactly the same way.
Story Is What Powers Marketing Campaigns For Luxury Brands Too!
There are a few story foundations that make selling anything infinitely easier and more profitable…
They work because each is intended to stir a specific emotion…

Nostalgia as a mixed emotion trigger…

Inspirational stories to trigger optimism…

Behind all of these is connection, and that’s what you’re looking for.

Beyond triggering emotions though, these stories have an effect on the VALUE of what you’re selling.
$.25 Plastic Banana Sells For $76 
Let me demonstrate for you just how powerful stories are in sales

You see this plastic banana right?

Nothing special about it. 

Cost probably a few cents to make.

No real value besides the plastic it’s made of right?

What if I told you that this plastic banana sold for a whopping $76 dollars without anything additional being sold with it, or bonuses or nfts…

What was the change?

A story.

The experiment conductor added a simple story to the description of the item and multiplied its value by 304x

I’m not a mathematician but I’d say that that is a pretty substantial increase.
And what about this pepper shaker?

Looks like it’s worth a fortune right?


It was purchased for $.99 and sold for $28…

With the addition of…

You guessed it, a story. 

A few paragraphs of story made all the difference in the world.
One more example…

Have you ever wondered why fans develop such DEEP connections with celebrities? 

Sometimes even to obsessive levels.

It’s because of the story attached to them.

The more you know about a person, their fears, struggles, challenges…the more you know, like and trust them.

It’s why you buy celebrity endorsed products and why every celebrity is launching a brand of something.

Are you starting to see how impactful story is?
Is It Possible That There Is A 
 “New” Video Sales Letter?
I believe so, and I’m willing to bet on it.

But what does that mean for you?

Pulling up your big girl/big boy pants and learning to write VSLs in a whole new format?

Paying insanely overpaid copywriters to write it for you?

Well, it could…

But it’s not what I would do in your shoes.

There is a simpler solution.

One that can have you writing story based VSLs in days not months and will put even the most experienced copywriters to shame.

It’s the same system I’ve been using to earn myself and my clients millions.

I’m going to show it to you in a minute, but there’s something I want to clear up first…
This Next Part Is Important
You might be wondering why you're READING an offer about a Video Sales Letter instead of watching it…

It is curious, isn’t it?

The answer is simple. 

I know that you are exactly like me. 

It’s why you are here right now still reading.

If this were a video, I know you would be trying to analyze and figure out why I say the things that I do and when I say them.

I know, because that is exactly what I did when I wrote my first video sales letter.

I got lucky and it worked, but I also made a lot of mistakes and left a lot of money on the table.

Don’t cheat off my homework.

Not because I want you to buy the program, but because there is so much that goes into a story based VSL, and it’s important for you to understand WHY.

I don’t want you to WASTE your time - it’s the most valuable resource you have.

If you try to do that with someone else's VSL, I can guarantee that you’ll be missing crucial elements, because you won’t understand the psychology behind what you’re doing.

You may end up having the OPPOSITE effect than you’re intending.

I’ve made the mistake of selling an offer course by video before…

The result was having to suffer through thousands of half a**ed offers flooding my news feed written by cheapskates who thought they cracked my system.

In the grand scheme of things, this system is cheap as heck and the return on investment is unlimited.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty of what I’ve created.
The Story VSL Formula
If I’ve done my job correctly, you know how effective a story is when trying to win over your prospects. 

You also know that video is the future of marketing and businesses have no choice but to figure out how to leverage video in their marketing...
The Story VSL Formula pulls together everything I’ve learned in the last 10 years about story based VSLs. 

It’s broken down into easy to follow steps that are so simple, the system practically writes the offer for you.

But there’s something more…
This System Is Nothing Like You’ve Seen Before
When I tell you that this system is truly unique, I mean it…

In fact, the format is something that sets this apart from any other copy system out there.

It’s designed to do all of the heavy lifting for you.

I’m serious.

It’s not your typical copy course format. 

You don’t have to sit there and watch video after video while I drone on.

The system will practically be producing the offer for you as you progress.

You’ll be able to sit down with the laminated sheets and the system tools and in a matter of a few hours you’ll have a story based VSL that your audience can’t get enough of.

You may not even feel good about it, because it may feel like cheating.

But hey, I’m all about results.
The Track Record For My Systems Speak For Themselves…
You get the idea…
Inside You’ll Discover
  • How to craft your “Big Foot” promise so that you stand out from other offers in a sea of competition
  • The simple “Scene Setting” hack missing from all flat stories and the three questions to answer to glue your readers to your stories.
  • The “Here, That, Then and Therefore'' framework of a 6 second story that turns anyone into a pro storyteller in less time than you can take a good dump.
  • How to write “water cooler” headlines that instantly hook your prospects so that you can.
  • How to craft a “Hollywood” story arc just like Die Hard, Shrek & Tommy Boy
  • How to develop “Magnetic” characters that almost breathe through the screen.
  • How to create a “Slippery Bridge” from your story to your offer
  • How to craft an offer so irresistible prospects feel like morons if they don't buy. 
  • My “5 Star” winning testimonial format that brings success stories to life and 10X’ their believability.
  • How to leverage premiums to up to 5X your close percentage on the exact same offer.
  • How to use AMAZON to ferret bonuses actually mean something to your customers and tip them over the edge.
So You Want My VSL Story Selling System… Right?
Frankly, you’d be crazy if you didn’t…

But hey, we can’t all be geniuses :) 

Now, I have only ever taught my entire Story VSL system ONCE.

Attendees paid over $1000 to attend.

I won’t be teaching it again, either. 

It’s a powerful system, and I know I’d never be able to capture every little detail like this again.

I’ve gone one step further to make it so simple that an idiot could follow it.

But, if you're reading this letter during the early bird release, I will make 100 copies available today for over 80% off — just $297.
That’s a savings of $703!
Why am I giving a discount at all? 
The Story VSL system might possibly be the most impactful thing I ever create in my career.

It has unlimited potential, works in every single market and frankly, it delivers a result.

I know that it is worth every penny of the full price.

I want your feedback though and I want case studies.

I want you to use the system, and tell me your results.

Like I said, this is my legacy and I want to know that it’s having an impact on you and your business.

A little selfish, I know but at least I’m honest.

If you’re game to get started, click the button below now!
Get Instant Access to Story VSL Formula Now
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Plus Bonuses Valued at Over $2,000
Now, I’ve asked you for something and I want to GIVE you something in return.

What can I say, I’m a nice guy :)

I’ve put together some additional tools that really sweeten the deal…

Mostly because I really want to get to know you, meet you and heck maybe even do business with you one day…

So take a look and see what I’ve lined up.
Bonus #1 Virtual Event Ticket - $997
I hold these events virtually every month and I cover all of the aspects of offer creation and story. Attending just one of these events has made my students hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past. Each virtual ticket is worth $997 and these events regularly sell out!

I want you to join me for FREE.
Bonus #2 Laminated Story VSL Worksheets - $297
Story Selling Worksheets, Maps and Story Template to use in addition to your laminated blueprints.
Bonus #3 - Trigger Word and Phrase Guide 
Keep your prospects engaged with my personally curated trigger word and phrase guide. I use these everyday — Value $197
Bonus #4 - Story VSL Editing and Flow Checklists 
Use my 3-level copy editing checklists so your editing becomes formulaic and automatic — Value $97
Bonus #5 - Follow-Up Calls - $497
I’ll hold weekly open mic Q&A Calls so that no question you might have will be left unanswered — Value $497
Bonus #6 - Copy Review - $997
My staff and I will personally review and discuss with you the first Story VSL you create. We record these with GoToWebinar so you can review later — Value $997
Let’s Recap
So far you’ve discovered the power of stories and you’ve discovered that there’s a “secret” system that creates predictable winning results.

You won’t have to depend on shitty employees or crooked self-proclaimed copywriters to sell your products with VSLs.

Imagine the freedom and confidence you’ll have knowing that you alone have the ability to create the lifeblood of your business if you need to.

Imagine, never being forced to depend on anyone else ever again.

… and imagine the POWER you’ll command by having winning offers that others BEG to send to their email lists.
Soon things will be very different — you’ll…
With just a few clicks, you’ll be inside the Story VSL formula and you’ll be able to…
  • Create killer “whiteboard” headlines and leads in minutes so you can grab instant attention from your readers
  • Discover 52 ways to describe any widget to make almost any product more interesting
  • Knock out 3,000–5,000-word sales letters in a single day — I use “voice to text” and never type a word until I edit
  • Learn 5 monster closing formulas so you can seal the deal TODAY and collect the money
  • Transfer your newfound copywriting skills to Facebook ads, emails, landing pages, webinars, direct mail letters and postcards, phone scripts and more
Ready to get started?
Get Instant Access to Story VSL Formula Now
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Those Who Can Tell Stories Will 
Dominate Their Competitors
This isn’t speculation, it’s a fact.

Those who don’t jump on this evolution, are going to get left behind. 

There’s a reason I’ve come out of semi-retirement from publishing marketing courses or systems…

And that’s because this is BIG. 

It goes so much further beyond just writing VSLs.

It’s writing compelling video ads for…



Tik Tok

The networks like Taboola, Outbrain and others...

Once you’ve mastered the ability to use story to create connection and influence decision making, you’ve won the game.

The applications are endless.

You may even find that it helps you in your day to day life, relationships etc.

You may not want to take relationship advice from me though - just ask my ex wives.

In all seriousness though…
Trying To Figure This Out On Your Own Is Going to SUCK…
Learning it isn’t going to be optional…

You do have a choice in HOW you learn though…

This is something I’ve dedicated more than a decade of my life to. 

I’ve left absolutely nothing out.

You can absolutely TRY to learn all of this on your own…

But I recommend that you work smarter, not harder.

Spend your energy doing things that can’t be broken down into such a simple system.

You do NOT have to be a slave to learning to write VSLs.

I’m practically giving you the key to writing landslide winners.

I’m not you though, and I can’t make this decision for you so…
Technically, You Have 2 Choices
Roll the dice, keep trying to make traffic work to your offers that are subpar at best.
The more you push and keep doing that, the more likely you are to succeed right?

Look, as humans when we face tough situations or start to struggle with something we have 2 standard responses.

1) We do MORE of what we’ve already been doing and hope that it generates a new result


2) We do LESS of what we’ve already been doing, in an attempt to control the damage.

RARELY, do we do something different? 

Those that do, are set apart from everyone else. 

They are the ones who stand to gain.

That’s your other option.

Become one of us.

The do’ers.

The ones who take control and get results.

The ones who get ahead and stay ahead.

Use the Story VSL system to start creating your own VSL offers, sell up to 10X more products & services, and never worry about sales ever again.

I believe this is the greatest Story VSL system ever, the cutting edge of VSL crafting.

I’m willing to take on all of the risk, because I know how powerful this system is…

So, I’m guaranteeing your success with my…
My Now-Famous Triple Guarantee

Guarantee #1: I personally GUARANTEE that the VSL Story Selling System will be the best VSL and storytelling masterclass you’ll ever go through, or I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price on the spot, no questions asked

Guarantee #2: Additionally, create a VSL following the specific VSL Story Selling formula, show your work, and if you can’t make money with it, I’ll BUY your finished copy for your cost of admission.
Guarantee #3: Lastly, create your VSL — if it doesn’t work, I’ll personally work on it with you, and if I can’t make it work, I’ll BUY your finished copy for 2X your cost of admission.

How Is That For Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is?

I’m THAT Sure That This System Will Work For You.

Just Like It Did For These People…
Look, Story VSLs Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon But The Special Launch Pricing IS
I’ve spelled this out for you as plainly as I can.

This is something every business is going to have to implement at some point or another.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like trying to play catch up. 

I don’t like doing more work than I have to either.

The choices in front of you are clear, it’s time for you to choose a path.

I hope you’ll join me.

Best Wishes,
Perry Belcher
P.S. WARNING: If you wait, you’re screwed.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, learning to write story based VSLs isn’t optional. Those who figure it out are going to win, and those who don’t are going to fall off the map.

Some of my WORST Story VSLs make $10K–$100K each, and those are my turds — I also have some that have sold and continue to sell millions.

P.P.P.S. You have every  reason in the world to take action right now and start seeing results…but I can’t make that decision for you.
REMEMBER: I’ve used the Story VSL system to create millions of dollars worth of offers — it’s as simple as 1-2-3, and the investment is nothing compared to how much you’ll make.
VSL Story Selling System OUTLINE
Introduction to Storytelling 
  • Phase One: Crafting Your Big Idea 
  • Phase Two: Adding Characters/ Developing Characters
  • Phase Three: Setting Scenes/Developing Scenes
  • Phase Four: Adding Theater
  • Phase Five: Act 1. Trouble 
  • Phase Six: Act 2. Journey
  • Phase Seven: Act 3. The End
Introduction to Video Sales Letters
  • Phase One: The Setup 
  • Phase Two: Section 2. The Problem
  • Phase Three: Section 3. The Story  
  • Phase Four: The Answer
  • Phase Five: The Bridge 
  • Phase Six: The Offer 
  • Phase Seven : The Close 
OK, I can’t tell you any more… are you ready to take the next step?
This is Your LAST, Last Chance… Get Instant Access Below Now
 Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee
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